I’m also in a band.

Zabba Cape
Zabba Cape

We’re not sure what we’re called though. It’s an evolving name. We started out as an Abba/Frank Zappa tribute band. Then we realised that playing Talking Heads songs was way more fun. We have not restricted ourselves to stealing from these 3 bands alone though. We sometimes make up songs of our own but then forget them very quickly. I mostly play bass who owns the amp I found. Sometimes we swap around our instruments a little because we’re just winging it.

Anyway, we’re terrifyingly good.

A list of our historic performances follows:


  • Monster Truck Gallery & Studios (w/ Lisa O’Neill) – Tue 28 Apr
  • Top Secret Party – Sat 2 May
  • Mezza, Parliament St – Thu 16 Jul
  • ‘Avant Garden’, Gallery 27 (Zabba Lite acoustic set) – Wed 2 Sep
  • Culture Night, Monster Truck Gallery & Studios (w/ Little Xs For Eyes) – Thu 25 Sep
  • Big Time: LobsterBoy Presents Zabba, The Bernard Shaw – Thu 10 Dec
Zabba at Monster Truck

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