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kDamo often takes pictures. He likes them and sometimes other people like them too. On occasions they end up in publications of the printed and digital variety. On other occasions, kDamo decides to make the digital pictures come to life in the physical world and he sticks them up for people to look at. He enjoys both of these outcomes equally, like a parent with equally disappointing children.


Recycling Spaces

Recycling Spaces: The Landscape Design of Martha Schwartz Partners
Recycling Spaces: The Landscape Design of Martha Schwartz Partners

My photo of the redeveloped plaza outside the Grand Canal Theatre in Dublin’s Docklands was used in Recycled Spaces, a Thames & Hudson/Oro Editions book about the work of Martha Schwartz, who designed the new Grand Canal Square. My photograph of the water feature is used several times throughout the book and on the back cover (in blue above).


167 Screen Tests - Liberty Hall Theatre
167 Screen Tests – Liberty Hall Theatre

167 is Gareth Kennedy & Sarah Browne’s project for the Venice Biennale ’09. They’ve been selected as the Irish representatives for this year’s event. I’ve been helping out, doing production stills at their screen testing day and the final video shoot. So as not to spoil their project, I’m keeping things hush hush for the moment, until my fine images find their way into the catalogue in June.


Elaine Reynolds
Elaine Reynolds

Issue 127 of Circa Magazine features one of my photos of Elaine Reynolds’ piece for the New Sites New Fields project, run by the Leitrim Sculpture Centre in Manorhamilton late last year. It might not actually be the one above, cos I haven’t got the magazine in front of me, but you get the idea. At the Circa Salon launch event in The Sugar Club on 5 March, a photo I did for Amanda Coogan was exhibited. It was one of the photos of her “How to explain the sea to an uneaten potato” piece, which she performed as part of Out of Site: Promenade in Clontarf last November. The original image is below and if you click here you can (for some reason) see Amanda posing in front of the photo wearing a fez at the Salon evening, along with the great and good of the Irish art scene and Shirley Temple Bar.

Amanda Coogan
Amanda Coogan


Jesse Jones video shoot
Jesse Jones video shoot

The new Tallaght arts centre, RUA RED officially launched with the exhibition Homecoming on 5 February 2009. Jesse Jones was asked to contribute to the show and made a dual-channel video piece featuring a woman singing an opera piece while crossing the same bridge, filmed five years apart. I shot production stills on the new video shoot and the catalogue that accompanied the launch exhibition featured this photo, which I was pleasantly surprised that Jesse had chosen.


Transitopia - Naas, Aug 2008
Transitopia – Naas, Aug 2008

Transitopia was a public art event, run by Parking Meter Arts in Naas, Co. Kildare in August 2008. The event featured work by six artists who responded to the idea of transience in a commuter town like Naas. I photographed the launch event and projects by five of the artists. These pictures, along with the photography work of Dara McGrath, were then used in the Transitopia book published by Kildare County Council later in 2008.

Offset Festival

Chrome Hoof - Vicar St
Chrome Hoof – Vicar St

The Offset Festival which takes place in late summer in Essex, London used this photo of Chrome Hoof (from their support slot with Battles in Vicar St, May ’08) in the programme for their 2008 festival, which featured Chrome Hoof along with Young Knives, Little Boots, Gang of Four, Maccabbees, Blood Red Shoes, Johnny Foreigner, Prinzhorn Dance School, Future of the Left and good old Fight Like Apes.


Parkour in Limerick
Parkour in Limerick

In March 2008, I accompanied artist Emma Houlihan on a trip to Limerick to document some young Parkour enthusiasts from Dublin as they ran loose in an unfamiliar city. Emma then used these images along with video footage and interviews to create her video piece for the ev+a 2008 show which also included these images in the catalogue (which I have never seen!).


Battles - Tripod
Battles – Tripod

The wonderful people at State Magazine have also seen fit to use my photos, featuring this image of Battles in Tripod in August 2007 in an article about fantastic Dublin promoters U:Mack. Sadly, they’re no longer making a print publication, but their online alter-ego is going stronger than ever and is well worth regular visits for quality reviews and music news as well as more of my live photos.

U:Mack article in State
U:Mack article in State


Super Extra Bonus Party
Super Extra Bonus Party

Award-winning Irish music blog, Nialler9 (Best Irish Music Blog 2006, 2007, 2008) regularly features gig photographs from kDamo. Many of these have been photos of Irish band Super Extra Bonus Party, who Niall does live visuals and design work for. They are also super good fun, as the name suggests.


Feist - Tripod
Feist – Tripod

User-generated news website used my photos of Feist from her gig in Tripod in September 2007 in their article announcing Feist’s 2007 Shortlist Music Prize win.


The Bloody Stream - Howth
The Bloody Stream – Howth

Schmap publish free digital travel guides for over 200 destinations around the world. These downloadable, interactive guides can be accessed on their website or downloaded to your computer or iPhone for portable use as you travel. They have included photos of mine in their 5th editions of both the Dublin and London guides.

Psycho Buildings at the Hayward Gallery
Psycho Buildings at the Hayward Gallery


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