kDamo on a good morning.
kDamo on a good morning.

kDamo was born in Dublin in 1984, presumably with a real name. Growing up in Tallaght, kDamo became interested in gangland activity. To combat this behaviour, kDamo was given a 110mm camera and some flashcubes. He completed his first 12 frame roll later that day in Tymon Park playground.

In school, kDamo’s guidance councillor told him that his aptitude test said he could do whatever he wanted. So, armed with a big ego and a lack of direction, he unsurprisingly ended up in NCAD, via the mean streets of Ballyfermot College. He graduated from NCAD’s Sculpture Department in 2007 with a BA and a restraining order.

Now kDamo does many things with his time, both constructive and destructive. At times he reverts back to his idealistic, 8-year-old self and photographs the world around him. Some evidence of his behavioural problems can be found on this site.