If you wish to contact kDamo for whatever reason (only good reasons, please), you may do so using the following options:

  1. You can comment on this here blog. Hey look, you can even use the special contact form right here on this page! Wow!
  2. You can email me at itsdamo [at] gmail [dot] com
  3. You can find me on modern social media, usually @kDamo.
  4. You can call me, if you have my number… hey, how did you get my number?
  5. Or shout



1 Comment

  1. Hello kBlam-o,

    Tis always a pleasure to read of your happenings…
    I was hoping to pick your brains about technicians in NCAD. I have a show coming up in the Glucksman and I need to get a coin blown up to a bigger size. Strange request I realize, but something reminded me that NCAD have a 3D printer. I didn’t really get a chance to know many of the technicians during my stint at the college, but I thought as a sculptor, you might know of the right person to get in touch with about possibly using that bit of equipment. If not, no bother, it was a good excuse to say hello + howdy!

    All the best and if you find yourself in Cork, make sure to let me know

    Claire / Feeley

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