Zabba hit the Big Time

There’s only one thing I can recommend tonight and that’s Zabba at the Bernard Shaw. Granted – I am in the band – so my recommendation is worth about as much as a bishop’s heartfelt apology. We’ve been planning this night for ages and it’s finally all coming together for a Christmas gigstravaganza! From 8pm … Continue reading

You can’t spell Culture without Cult

Well now, isn’t Dublin the exciting little town to live in at the moment. If we’re not playing destruction derby with our public transport system, we’re charging people for “free” bikes and hurling the nation’s pot of gold down a financial well. This week though, we’re taking pride in two of our greatest exports: Guinness and … Continue reading

This week I will be mostly… out of context

It’s been a while since there was much to talk about in the art exhibition line of things which is to be expected as August is always a bit of a quiet month as all the artists in Ireland jet off to top up their tans and egos in the swankiest holiday locations in the … Continue reading

Zabba – Gig Photos

As promised, some photos from our gig on Tuesday night in Monster Truck. The photos have been lifted from Monster Truck’s site and are courtesy of Eimear O’Grady and Peter Prendergast. There are pictures of the other performers on the Monster Truck blog and Facebook yoke. Zabba will be making their next appearance at a … Continue reading

This week I will be mostly… loving the .jpg

There are many Fiona’s in my life. Some would say too many. Fiona Chambers asked me if I was collecting them. I choose to give them nicknames or numbers to differentiate (eg. #1 aka The Bad One, #2 aka The Good One, #7 aka Fink, etc.). This Thursday evening, Fiona Chambers, or “Fiona.jpg”, will be … Continue reading

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    "You wouldn't steal a handbag." Piracy is a crime, you know. All mp3 links are included as delicious appetisers to each band. If you like them, buy the main course. Most photos are my own, others are credited. If you like them, throw money at me or some other photographer you like.