Meteors land with zero impact!

The Meteor awards nominees were announced this week after the usual painstaking process of carefully wittling down the eligible entrants to perfectly represent what absolutely nobody is listening to. This is how I imagine things go in the Meteor office: Spa #1: Are we meant to be doing those awards again this year? Spa #2: … Continue reading

You’re All Fired

The Apprentice is on TV3 again tonight. I’ve been half watching it this year having never watched it or anything of its ilk before.  It is hilarious television in a jaw-droppingly frustrating way. They’ve obviously copied and pasted the reality TV formula in which teams of desperately thick people with delusions of intellectual grandeur fail … Continue reading

HWCH ’09 Preview

Festivals! We might not actually be all that good at them in this country but, by God, we sure have a ton of them. 67 outdoor gigs/festivals this summer! Fringe! Theatre Festival (featuring Playhouse)! DEAF! Darklight! Red Line Roots Festival! A fucking Chocolate Festival in Temple Bar! And this weekend we have Ireland’s annual showcase … Continue reading

Most days of the year are unremarkable.

The confused looks. The sudden bursts of laughter. The half-full room. These are all good signs. Not necessarily for the film, but these things reassure me that we are not the last people in the country to see (500) Days of Summer. Heading into the Savoy last Sunday night, I could not forsee the film … Continue reading

This week I will be mostly… a lobster

This Thursday night I’ll be DJing at the Bernard Shaw to launch a new monthly club night which is probably titled something along the lines of Lobster Pot or something else to do with lobsters. The club will run on the third Thursday of each month as part of the Shaw’s Big Time nights on … Continue reading

Indiependence ’09 – Photos

So with no Mantua this year, my August Bank Holiday weekend didn’t know what to do with itself. It just didn’t seem right to not spend the weekend drinking Buckfast in a soggy field with a bunch of lunatics. With a few festivals offering not-all-that-much-really around the country on the same weekend, I decided to … Continue reading

No more Real puns

Tonight, the world’s most egotistical footballer, the €94m greaseball Cristiano Ronaldo will make his debut for Real Madrid, the club with a bottomless pit of stupidity and Spanish gold. After several years of claiming to be the messiah in the north-west of England, he finally transferred to the only club in the world with the … Continue reading

First of all…

Slowly catching up on things after an illness-plagued trip to Manchester last week. I had just coughed my way through a film at an outdoor cinema on Thursday night when I got the first text messages from home about Michael Jackson’s death. We quickly dismissed it as a rumour which likely began at Glastonbury until … Continue reading

The Delivery Room

The groundbreaking first post on kDamo’s WordPress. Unfortunately, just like the poor woman above moments after this carefully staged photo, you are now left dissapointed, deflated and slightly disgusted at the end product. But there will be better days ahead. Over the coming days, weeks and years (if I don’t get bored and go elsewhere) … Continue reading

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