Launch of StoryMap Dublin

StoryMap FI

    StoryMap is a new multimedia project that gives people an alternative tour of Dublin through the kind of bizarre stories you’d have to drink in Grogan’s for a few years to gather. In fairness, that’s quite possibly exactly what the people behind the site did, but they’ve gathered some quality tales from a … Continue reading

Nominations for The Meteors 2011 Announced

Bono craves acceptance, idiots give it to him.

Yesterday it was announced that there would be no Meteor Ireland Music Awards this year due to the people what normally do them not wanting to do them. The out-pouring of grief from dedicated music fans that followed this announcement brought a tear to my eye. What are the people of Ireland supposed to do … Continue reading

State Photography Exhibition

State Photo Exhibition

Let reasonably normal service resume. This one has been a long while in the pipeline. Given the startling amount of talent crammed into the digitised pages of State Magazine, it was only a matter of time before it became necessary to let some of it’s richness burst out into the physical world where images can … Continue reading

Bad Wolf

So, um, hi. I’m back now. The blog has been inactive for 3 months while I was away, which I think entitles it to some kind of Tibetan monk style enlightenment for remaining silent. Apologies for the absence, I was captured by a big, bad wolf.

State Social #4 & New Site

Not content with the wildly successful Intervention series that I mentioned the other day, State have just launched a new-look redesigned site that makes everything at least one billion times better than before. We’ve gone slick slick slick, with new menu designs and things that work with handy little tab-style displays. I don’t understand one … Continue reading

The Middle Leeson Street

If you had your ears switched on last year, you probably heard someone banging on about a band from Townsville, Australia called The Middle East. I spent a considerable portion of the year listening to “Blood” over and over like a lunatic. They are without doubt the band at the top of my must-see list … Continue reading

We woz robbed, etc.

What a pile of bullshit! Who do they think they are? It’s a total fucking joke. I bet it’s cos he knows yer man and she is from the same county as that other guy. Who the fuck is Nialler9 anyway? How can a blog be about fashion and stuff? Galway is corrupt. It’s the … Continue reading

Pies and Prizes

“Success is like a pie, there are different layers” —Qun Zhang (Chinese Poet) Shrek: “NO. Layers. Onions have layers. Ogres have layers. Onions have layers. You get it? We both have layers.” [sighs] Donkey: “Oh, you both have layers. Oh. You know, not everybody like onions.” The Irish Blog Awards seem to have more rounds … Continue reading

366 Days of kDamo

So, the little blog turned one whole year old yesterday. I don’t know what made me register with WordPress the day after Paddy’s Day last year. We all have strange ways of dealing with hangovers I suppose. Now, a year on, what I intended to be an easier way to display my photography has grown … Continue reading

Tweets, Blogs & Art

Bit of a delay in putting this up so I apologise. This is an article I wrote for the current issue of the Visual Artists’ News Sheet (Mar/Apr 2010) on Irish art blogging. The hard-copy news sheet is distributed to members of VAI and to galleries and arts centres around Ireland where it can be … Continue reading

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