Scissors Cuts Paper - Zine #2

This week I will be mostly… square.

Scissors Cuts Paper - Zine #2
Scissors Cuts Paper - Zine #2

Hey, art stuff! Remeber that?! So there’s a fair bit going on at the moment in case nobody told you. The 180th annual RHA show opened last Sunday evening. I’d write a review of it but it’d just be a waste of time. Google some reviews of the last two years’ shows instead. There’s very little different about it. The same names doing the same work hung in the same places. That’s not to say it’s bad, it just looks identical to previous shows. You’ll definitely see stuff you like but you’ll also see a plethora of dull work that will get the déja vu juices flowing. (Déja Vu Juice sounds lovely, doesn’t it?) Apparently Irish people are afraid of change, so this should be mildly pleasing to those of you who like your art like you like your government.

If you’re looking for something a little fresher, this evening will see the launch of Scissors Cuts Paper‘s second zine “The Blue Issue” down at Monster Truck on Francis Street. The group comprises four artists: Anne Hendrick, Maire O’Mahony, Lucy Sheridan and Fiona Chambers. The quartet have been drawing, painting and exhibiting together for a few years now and I’m a big fan. I didn’t get to the launch of the first issue, “The Yellow Issue”, in Cork in April so I’ll be making sure to grab one tonight. I ask you, what kind of fan doesn’t collect their zines? The lauch is from 6-9pm tonight, Wed 26th May in Monster Truck. I have heard vague mumblings about some performance work taking place tonight in The Back Loft also. It’s part of ‘Everything Is Up’ which was recently presented at the Tate Modern by former Dublin 7 residents, thisisnotashop. If you’re still on your feet after a few too many glasses of culture, The State Social will be happening in Twisted Pepper from 11pm. If you want to see Super Extra Bonus Party, Bats, The Cast of Cheers and State DJs throw musical shit at the walls to see what sticks, then drop in, it’s free!

Ormond Studios - 15 x 15
Ormond Studios - 15 x 15

You want more?? You got more! Thursday sees a couple of interesting events taking place. Firstly, that square yoke on the right is happening in Ormond Studios, a fantasic space set up not so long ago by a group of recent graduates. The show is a fundraiser to help stage their first annual summer show, which will be curated by Séan O’Sullivan. Works gathered by open submission and all measuring 15×15 (not sure but I assume thats centimentres) will be exhibited in the space on Thursday evening from 6-9pm with all works for sale at suc reasonable prices you’ll think you’ve gone too far and stumbled into Bargaintown. The studios are located on Ormond Quay, above a computer repair shop next door to the Tea Gardens.

Also on Thursday at the same time (6-8pm), but easily within walking distance is ‘Spaced Out’, the latest show by Pretty Vacant, who have been using empty buildings to house exhibitions recently. This time they turn their attention to the former Dunnes Stores grocery at Moore Mall at the ILAC Centre. The show has an impressive bunchof artists taking part so I’d say it’ll be well worth dropping in. Strangely, I went to see “Strike!” at the Samuel Beckett Theatre last night – a play based on the famous anti-apartheid strikers at the same shop in the mid-80s. That play runs till Saturday and some of the actual strikers will be in attendance this evening. Tickets for the play are here.


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