Probably not going to the World Cup

Showpiece Tunes

Probably not going to the World Cup
Probably not going to the World Cup

Even though it’s populated by cheaters, arrogant & useless teams as well as Lucifer himself rather than honest, hard-working and slightly dim Irish lads, the 2010 FIFA World Cup is going ahead. Once again, us Irish will have to amuse ourselves by rooting for some other underdog team or just praying for France and England to be knocked out in the group stages. Along with drooling over Messi’s disgusting levels of brilliance, it’s enough to pass the month. But this time around, Indiecater Records have provided us with alternative entertainment for international football’s showpiece tournament.

If you’re not familiar with Indiecater Records, you’d really want to sort that out as they’ve been releasing quality stuff as cheap, digital releases for a while now. From their Christmas compilations to reissues and top-notch releases from The Ambience Affair and Candy Claws, the releases on this online start-up are well worth keeping an eye on. This week they’ve launched Fast Forward, their World Cup themed compilation. Taking over a year to compile 32 songs from 32 bands, each represents one of the teams that will be playing in South Africa this summer. I’m not sure if there’s going to be some knock-out system to declare a winner and how that would work. If it’s based on the football, then the bookies would be praising tunes by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and The Yellow Melodies. But it’s really about the songs. I’d recommend you throw €5 into the Indiecater pot and then select your favourite from the vast selection. Regardless of the quality of the football this summer, this album with 32 quality bands from Ireland and abroad won’t let you down.

MP3: Grand Pocket Orchestra – Nigeria – [Buy]


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