Paul Maguire - Inside Your Soul

This week I will be mostly… strumming inside your soul.

Paul Maguire - Inside Your Soul
Paul Maguire - Inside Your Soul

Hi there. Paul Maguire has been hanging out in Exchange lately. Strangers have joined him in a private room every now and then. We’re not quite sure what he does with them but they’re never quite the same when they leave. Tonight the culmination of his residency, entitled ‘Inside Your Soul’, will give the panic-stricken public a chance to figure out what it’s all about. Were people simply lured into a simple “confidential one-on-one cognitive therapy and screen-writing session with the artist”, or was it something more sinister? You can partake in your own bit of scare-mongering and hurl some wild accusations at the artist during a discussion in Exchange tonight from 6-8pm.

Now, I’m not one to tell other people what they should be doing with their lives, but… I’m really, really good at it. So I’m going to tell you to go The Bernard Shaw afterwards because I think I know better than you and you’re obviously at a complete loss without my guidance. Anyway, I recently diagnosed myself with a condition now known as “trendy electro remix fatigue”. Watch this… I just typed “remix” into the search box in my iTunes. Ok, 190 songs out of 3460 isn’t as bad as I thought, but still that’s 15.7 hours of remixes and even the best of us would struggle to keep gyrating that long even with the finest bath salts that Nirvana has to offer. [Try typing ‘remix’ into your own libraries and let me know how you get on, I might sell antibiotics to cure the aforementioned fatigue.] With endless haphazard club nights around the city spewing a concoction of the current Hype Machine chart and a few NME favourites it’s understandable that people grow weary of such identikit nights out.

Well, along come the clever kids from Come As Soon As You Hear with their latest smart-arse idea: Strum As Soon As You Hear. A night of chilled-out music from Bad Actors and Red Wine will be complimented by edible deliciousness and an atmosphere so pleasant and relaxed you’ll think you’re stranded on holidays somewhere fancy. Out the back garden of the Shaw, there’ll be some professional crafty types displaying their mad skills with needles of both the knitting and sewing variety. You’re invited to bring along your own bits and bobs and get stitching. The know-it-alls will gladly give you a hand so it’s your best bet in terms of opportunities to learn or improve your craftiness while still maintaining your super-cool reputation by knitting while drinking a pitcher. Get your chillaxed groove on for free from 8pm till midnight. It’s better than watching pasty-faced gobshites on Sky News discussing an election in some formerly significant country nearby.


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