Skreen, Co. Sligo

Long Weekend: Short Mix

Skreen, Co. Sligo
Skreen, Co. Sligo

May Bank Holiday weekend, eh? Pity the weather has taken a turn for the Irish but there’s plenty of good stuff happening. The Model in Sligo is having a pretty cool re-launch event with a great line-up of bands. Glider is on in Odessa tonight. Lots of good gigs including Surfer Blood and Planet Parade in Academy tonight, another good Ragged Words gig in Twisted Pepper on Saturday night with The Ambience Affair, Windings and At Last An Atlas. Bank Holiday Sunday also marks the return of Florence to the Olympia as well as Gil Scott Heron in Tripod. I also mentioned the Vantastival Festival in Louth last week, though if you’re going to that, you should be on your way already!

To celebrate this extended weekend and the fact that nobody has sent the heavies round to break my legs yet, here’s a little mix of tunes to help you get happy. Might as well enjoy it while we can – by next week it might be illegal to even talk about a band.

MP3: Twin Sister – All Around and Away We Go – [Free]

Twin Sister are being deservedly hyped up left, right, centre and wherever else you can squeeze in their slick, smooth and groove-filled tunes. There’s a hint of The XX about them, but there’s a soulfulness to their style that reminds me of Bibio’s Ambivalence Avenue album from last year, while tracks like this are like a stripped-down version of The Juan MacLean. Lucky for you, they’ve got a 6-track EP available for free for a limited time which you can get at the link above.

MP3: The Old Believers – No More – [Buy]

This song has probably been knocking around on my mp3 player for yonks, but recently it caught my attention and it’s been heavily played since then. The Old Believers are from Portland, Oregon and if you click over to their MySpace there, you can hear 4 great songs that they have kindly written and recorded for the good of the world. “No More” starts with an awkward electronic buzzing intro that points in one direction before the guitar and vocals come in and steer the whole thing towards a sweet ballad that sounds like a more sincere version of a She & Him song. “The Glories All Been Done” on their MySpace is highly recommended also.

MP3: Cults – Go Outside – [Free]

I was quite prepared to ignore this band, purely cos the name Cults seemed a little too Pitchfork for my liking. But this track was too irresistable. This is one that might seem mean given the torrential downpour that’s just soggified Dublin, but I think the glockenspiel/kiddie choir-lead song can be equally enjoyed while staying in, staring out the window at the rain. The laid-back, airy groove reminds me of Make Things Make You’s “Sunshine” but it’s altogether more melodic and joyful. I haven’t checked yet, but I assume it’s a matter of time before The Very Best remix this one. Free 3-track 7″ download above.

MP3: Copacabana Club – Just Do It – [Buy]

On the few occassions that the sun might pop back out over the next few days, I recommend you have this Copacabana Club song lined up and ready to go. This is happy-happy sunshine guitars and silly feel-good lyrics from a bunch of Brazilians who, on tracks like their cover of La Bionda’s “I Wanna Be Your Lover”, sound remarkably English. Apparently they’re hot shit in their native country and Levi’s paid to make the rather nice video below so they could use the track in an ad or something. If the weather is decent over the summer, expect this lot to be minted by the time school starts.


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