State Social #4 & New Site


Not content with the wildly successful Intervention series that I mentioned the other day, State have just launched a new-look redesigned site that makes everything at least one billion times better than before. We’ve gone slick slick slick, with new menu designs and things that work with handy little tab-style displays. I don’t understand one tiny bit of the code and stuff involved but it is the shizz as far as I’m concerned. The new site is going to increase focus on features and new endeavours like the intervention series and also includes a new photo gallery format where you’ll get to see my work in all it’s glory.

State Social #4
State Social #4

To celebrate this landmark victory of man over technology, we’ll be having a bit of fun in the Twisted Pepper this evening at The State Social. This fourth installment will surely be the best yet as it has the world’s best line-up ever in the world ever. DJ sets from The Jimmy Cake, Twinkranes, Christian Lorenz, Loreana Rushe and some guy called Damien McGlynn guarantee you’ll hear something you’ll love, something you’ll hate, something old, someting new, something borrowed, something blue and Crystal Swing. It’s free in so you’ve no excuses for not joining us in the Mezz room from 11pm. It is also cheap to get drunk and everyone loves drunk people. Demonstrate how cool you are to your friends by clicking Attending on our Fässbook event.


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