Round Abouts

Niall Dooley
Niall Dooley

I wanted to give a quick mention to this exhibition that opened in The Joinery during the week. I picked out Niall Dooley back in June as one of the highlights of last year’s painting group in the NCAD Graduate Exhibition. The wonderful people at The Joinery in Stoneybatter also took a shine to his work and recruited him as part of their 2010 recent graduate programme. The work is similar, both in style and in content, to what was presented last summer. Dooley’s drawings and paintings have a kind of pastel colouring and are reminiscent of educational or instructional booklets from the earier part of the 20th Century. The mechanics of each scene require a few moments of careful consideration as the various cogs and forces at play reveal the inefficient machinery used to achieve simple ends. Complex set-ups articulate the ludicrous nature of man’s relationship with technology and each other in very clever and amusing ways. Dooley’s work is likely to appear more frequently in the near future if he keeps up this kind of standard, but for now you could do far worse than dropping in to The Joinery and catching this little gem of an exhibition. It only runs until this Sunday 11th April so you’ll have to hurry. The gallery is open 11am-6pm so now you have something to do this weekend!


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