We woz robbed, etc.

Irish Blog Awards 2010 (Photo by rymus)
Irish Blog Awards 2010

What a pile of bullshit! Who do they think they are? It’s a total fucking joke. I bet it’s cos he knows yer man and she is from the same county as that other guy. Who the fuck is Nialler9 anyway? How can a blog be about fashion and stuff? Galway is corrupt. It’s the end of the world as we know it.

Sorry, just wanted to belatedly join in all the bitching. As you’d expect in this silly little country of ours, there are plenty of people whinging and moaning about the results of Saturday’s awards. There’s always a few who will find something to complain about. I think that’s all a bit embarrassingly petty though when everyone enjoyed a great night in Galway where we were treated to a fun and lively awards ceremony that was put together by a bunch of people who did it for the love of it all. They didn’t get paid and didn’t have a huge budget, but the whole night was a top-notch event. Huge thank you to Mulley, Rick O’Shea, the hotel and all those who did their bit, including the fine photography work which I borrowed above (click image to see more of rymus’ pics of the evening) and the prop maker for the styrofoam goodies.

Myself and Fiona had a wonderful time with new and old friends and big shout outs must go to Niall & Aoife (looking forward to hearing the song you wrote about Fiona…), Shane & Suzanne, Tim & Aoife, David (who made a beautiful runners-up prize for our category that I still have). Lastly, big congratulations to all the winners especially the mighty No Ordinary Fool who deservedly vanquished the rest of us in the Arts & Culture category. It was a shame you weren’t there to pick up the award and say hello, but there’s always next year. Ah yes, next year… when I plan to win Best Blog of a Politician in my new role as Taoiseach.


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