Chandeliered Vision

Jennifer Evans - NCH (Photo by Dave Keegan)
Jennifer Evans - NCH (Photo by Dave Keegan)

And then a little angel appeared on my shoulder and whispered in my ear, “Don’t forget Jennifer’s EP launch this Friday”. Oh alright, I saw a reminder in my phone calendar, but still, I’m all kinds of pleased that I did so. To explain to those without guardian angels or my phone, Jennifer Evans & The Ripe Intent are launching their Salient Point EP in the Twisted Pepper this Friday 26th at 8pm. You may or may not have heard of Jennifer as she’s been quietly wowing audiences around Ireland since before you knew what an iPod was. It is sometimes completely unbelievable that a performer of such quality is still operating somewhat under the radar in Dublin. Here’s a girl who has the voice, the songs, the stage presence and a meticulously assembled band to back it all up. When you watch her perform to cosy gathered groups in small rooms you fully believe she has the potential to silence whole nations with a simple song. I’m not going to challenge her to do this of course, but I’ll challenge you to check her out and tell me I’m wrong.

Better yet, I’ll give you some videos of her in action and an mp3 of a live performance of “Scattered” which features on the Salient Point EP. Now, if after that you’re still not sure the live show will be worth going to, then pop along to Tower Records at 5pm the same day for a taster of the full set. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll be going back for more. If you can’t make it to the Dublin gigs on Friday, she has plenty more gigs around the country on her MySpace. Here’s the MP3 and below the click-barrier you’ll find a video of Jennifer playing in a snow-covered forest and another Raidio na Life performance, this time of a song called “Assassin”. Hopefully I’ll see you at the gig on Friday and you can thank me for being the little angel on your shoulder.

MP3: Jennifer Evans & The Ripe Intent – Scattered (Live on Raidio na Life) – [Buy]


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