I love David Byrne. True story.

David Byrne - True Stories
David Byrne - True Stories

What happens when two of my great loves collide? No, not Broken Social Scene winning the World Cup. No, even better. Tonight my favourite pub in Dublin, The Bernard Shaw, will be hosting a night dedicated to the unending genius of David Byrne. True Stories is a weekly club night run there every Tuesday by Orlando. The night takes its name from the film by David Byrne with the excellent poster of the gangly-legged vituoso above. Tonight the club will have a somewhat overdue celebration of the many facets of the former-Talking Heads man’s ability.

Starting at 7:30pm, there’ll be a screening of the Talking Heads’ live concert film Stop Making Sense – without doubt the best concert film ever made. Directed by Jonathan Demme, it has a level of class and scope that few other acts could ever dream of incorporating into their live shows. It’s far more than just a good documentary, it’s a stunning piece of cinema. There’ll be free popcorn at the screening in the smoking area too. Afterwards Orlando will be compiling a musical ode to his beloved’s multi-decade spanning career with a night filled with songs from Talking Heads and his solo stuff as well as his collaborations with everyone from Brian Eno to Dirty Projectors. It can’t help but be a brilliant night so obviously you should either go to it, or just go ahead and write “philistine” on your forehead.

MP3: David Byrne & Brian Eno – Strange Overtones – [Buy]


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