Pies and Prizes

Aggressively stolen from dallasnews.com
Prize Pie

“Success is like a pie, there are different layers”
Qun Zhang (Chinese Poet)

Shrek: “NO. Layers. Onions have layers. Ogres have layers. Onions have layers. You get it? We both have layers.”

Donkey: “Oh, you both have layers. Oh. You know, not everybody like onions.”

The Irish Blog Awards seem to have more rounds than the F.A. Cup – but being of comparable stature to the mighty Blyth Spartans, I am rightly pleased to still be in the mix at what Alex Ferguson would call “squeaky bum time”. I was already surprised with multiple “short”-listings the other week but to now find myself in amongst the five finalists for Best Arts & Culture Blog is quite the honour. They’re a fine bunch and I’m delighted to have subsequently discovered their work. The non-celebrity deathmatch is lined up thusly:

Best Arts and Culture Blog

It’s funny to be in a category where everybody is doing vastly different things and I’m sure it’ll make it difficult to pick a winner. At this point, I should not only express my gratitude at being selected but bestow praise upon the countless, mysterious judges who worked their fingers to the left-click bone to whittle down all the nominees. It makes the recognition all the more pleasing when an anonymous and fair judging panel – who volunteer their time – select the finalists rather than a campaign-distorted online public vote. Please now allow me to display my grateful respect to those involved through HTML web-links, the box-of-fancy-chocolates of our time…

Damien Mulley – The head honcho (and his team) for making the whole thing happen and organising what looks like a cracking night in Galway.
Poetry Ireland – The sponsors of the Arts & Culture category and generally brilliant supporters of Irish poetry.
Thanks also to the uber-swish Radisson Blu Hotel and host Rick O’Shea for not minding that I am likely to throw up in/on them (respectively) at some point on Saturday night.

I’m glad a few of my nominees are still in there and I’ll be loudly rooting for them and quietly threatening their competition this weekend. Sad to see a good few of my other personal favourites not getting through, but having supported Aston Villa for many years, this dissapointment is nothing new. Good luck to all the finalists and hopefully I’ll get the chance to have you all buy me a drink in Galway!


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  1. Hi kDamo. That was what struck me too about the five sites – how different they each were in focus. Not to mention that they are all what I would call niche sites. Be happy for any of us to win it as a result! Power to the underdog! 🙂

    Congrats & good luck on Saturday!

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