366 Days of kDamo

A much better movie

So, the little blog turned one whole year old yesterday. I don’t know what made me register with WordPress the day after Paddy’s Day last year. We all have strange ways of dealing with hangovers I suppose. Now, a year on, what I intended to be an easier way to display my photography has grown limbs and even managed to lure in a few fans despite my slow pace of updates. I never thought this time last year that people would be silly enough to shortlist this mess under Best Popculture, Best Arts & Culture, Best Music and Best Newcomer at the Irish Blog Awards. But there ya go! Anyway, I thought I’d stick up a bunch of nice tunes to celebrate the occassion and put some smiles on some faces as we head into the third weekend of the past 7 days.

MP3: The Dying Seconds – Overtures – [Free]
An Irish band I know very little about. I have yet to see The Dying Seconds live, but a few of their minimal electro masterpieces have dug deep inside my brain and built a little camp. The hushed, quivering vocals are intensely personal and remind me of John Cale in some ways. This stuff is international quality and should soon be recognised as such. Please join me at their next gig.

MP3: The Electones – Right Foot From Left – [Buy]
The vocals on this one sound a little like Jonsí, but it’s miles too playful for the likes of that fella. Again, I know next to nothing about The Electones but this track is a clever little pop song that deserves to make some toes tap. The internet tells me they are from Norway and their 2009 album is called If You’ll Be Null, I’ll Be Void.

MP3: Penny Hill – Salem – [Buy]
Penny Hill is a singer from Oklahoma with a real name that I am apparently not supposed to tell you. I can tell you that she has a “tape” called Unbutton Your Heart out on Slanty Shanty Records. This folky little number sounds like the above-altered Zooey Deschanel doing a relaxed version of a Florence tune like “Cosmic Love”, minus all the dramatics but still with plenty of heart.

MP3: The Ambience Affair – Lost At The Start – [Buy]
I know a bit about these guys, as I’m sure you do too. At this point they’re probably Ireland’s worst kept secret (next to Villagers?). The Ambience Affair are two lads called Jamie and Marc. They are lovely and make beautifully intricate layered indie-folk songs of experimental joy. The vocals on this one remind me of Shout Out Louds, but they’d never record a song this good.

MP3: 1,2,3 – Confetti – [Buy]
I love the start of this song. I know so little about 1,2,3 I don’t think I could hazard a guess at what follows 3. This is a funny little indie-groove jam that’s just rough enough around the edges. It’s excitable in a lazy way and I think that’s why we’re friends.


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