Oh please stay, just this once

Starfucker - Jupiter
Starfucker - Jupiter

A song for the tail-end of a beautiful week that came bearing promises of Spring and, more importantly, an end to the herculean efforts of another bleak Irish winter. I hope you all got a chance to roll down a dry, grassy hill at some point or at least managed to dust off your designer shades and take them for a spin. You might have certain prejudices about what a band with the word fuck in their name might sound like and for all I know you might be entirely correct in your assumptions but – all profanities aside – Starfucker are a fun-time band with sunshine happy tunes full of goodliness. This song sounds like someone hurling all their balled-up stress and aggression to the ground in frustration only to see it suddenly burst into countless multi-coloured ping-pong balls like that ad for the tellies on the telly. There’s still a bit of a fuzzy edge to the song that keeps it from sounding too much like an old Suburban Kids With Biblical Names track (remember them?!). Regardless – for me – it sums up the week. The rather delicious video is also below the jump.

MP3: Starfucker – Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second – [Buy]


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