3 Men and A Little Exhibition

Mark Ferguson
Mark Ferguson

If you’re the type who pays attention to the other nonsense I spew on the interweb, such as the Twitters and when I do a Facebook, you might have seen my recommendation of an exhibition opening last Thursday evening. If not, you didn’t, but it seems that a huge crowd packed in the doors and valiantly destroyed the supply of wine and home-made cakes anyway. A good sign at any exhibition opening is when people are still actively discussing and looking at the work later in the evening rather than simply guzzling the wine and heading for a pub.

This was certainly the case on Thursday night in The Master Thief’s Secret Lair on South William Street as visitors debated the work on display and interrogated the artists involved. ‘3 Men and A Little Exhibition’ gathered the work of a trio of artists with questionable senses of humour but enough brazen wit to stage a show of intriguing depth. Mark Ferguson (whose work is pictured above) seemed to spend the majority of his evening fielding technical questions about how he constructed his perplexing 360-degree photographs while stupefied visitors squinted at the curved outskirts in an attempt to place them in relation to their own views of Dublin and beyond. You can see how startling the image is above, but – while the prints in the gallery are not huge – seeing them in real life gives you a proper sense of the massive amount of work that went into constructing them.

Francis Quinn’s collection of ink drawings, paintings, abstract marker creations and sketched are a diverse mix of work to make you laugh, appreciate his brash use of colour and occasionally recoil in disgust. From joyous, rainbow-bright works of flowing marker lines to skillful sketches employing visual puns and pop culture references. If you ever wanted to see Louis Walsh feeding off Simon Cowell’s man-breasts, now is your chance. Fintan Ryan’s video piece follows on from previous work which blurs the boundaries between reality, performance and video while using visual effects to compliment his clever time-twisting tricks and wry humour. It is well worth giving this piece a bit of time to get into it. Unfortunately, you don’t have much time as the show is only running for one week. The Master Thief’s Secret Lair (in the door directly opposite entrance to Spy and up to the top floor) is open until 6pm each day and the show closes on Thursday evening.


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