Saturday is a Battlefield

Skins As Soon As You Hear
Skins As Soon As You Hear

Quick and belated mentions for a few fine ways to destroy brain-cells, ear-drums and reputations tonight. The best things come in threes and that’s how tonight rolls. I’m discounting the Xiu Xiu gig in Whelan’s, cos in fairness, if you’re into Xiu Xiu, you’re probably going and if you’re not… well, I wouldn’t recommend dropping in for a pint and a chat. I’ll be down there photographing the post-punk mayhem but later on I may well endeavour to make it to at least one or two of the following.

In chronological order, the excellent monthly club The Saloon celebrates a full year of funk-filled jollies tonight in The Lower Deck. Tonight’s line-up features personal favourite and creator of seriously under-rated Irish album of ’09 Rory Grubb. Joining him down in the cosy depths of Portobello will be Moses Moorhouse and the somewhat legendary groove of Creamy Goodness. It’s €5 in (with delicious freebies) and the doors creak open about 8:45 with bands playing until near 1am. I hear the basement of Twisted Pepper may have flooded last night, which is bad news. But the good news is that tonight’s Skins As Soon As You Hear event will be safe in the high-ness and dry-ness of the Mezz area. Brought to you by the same bunch who brought the snow-fuelled chaos of Swap As Soon As You Hear and the wholesome alphabetical fun of Presents… the Letter ‘K’, tonight promises to be a UV-lit ode to the kind of debaucherous teenage adventures most of us can only dream about or watch on 4OD. If anyone can pull it off in real life, it’s these guys. Have your white outfits ready for UV-marker fun from 11pm. Only €5 in if you sign away your soul here. Finally, as I tend to recommend at least once a month, if you have yet to succumb to the Attention Bébé juggernaut, then you should be dropping in to Crawbébé tonight from about 11 or 12 as their vengabus will once again be coming to dance you back to the glory of the ’90s. After their guest spot on “award”-winning radio DJ Ray Foley’s show on TodayFM last week, the guys are much in demand so expect this one and future gigs to be packed like Mr Motivator’s spandex drawer. There’s guestlist and flyers around… somewhere, otherwise it’s a wad of cold hard cash for entry.


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