Yacht Rock

Yacht Rock
Yacht Rock

Yacht Rock is the term used to describe a unique brand of smooooooth music that was hugely popular in the late ’70s and early ’80s. That was then and this is now. Some crowd of comedy geniuses gathered together a couple of years ago to make a series of online shows telling the stories behind the creation of some of the smoothest hits of the time. The result was 10 episodes of “Yacht Rock” which were made available through Channel101.com. After the show was discontinued, the makers created a final 11th episode of their own bat.

In appreciation of the show, the smooth music and all the “California vagina sailors” that made it possible, we’re having a Yacht Rock night this Thursday in Shebeen Chic. Myself, Loreana and Vinny will be playing all the smoooooothest music known to man and everybody is invited to dress up as their favourite character from the show. I’ve got 94% of a decent Koko Goldstein costume, so I’m just looking for a harpoon. Do something clever with an hour of your life and watch all eleven episodes. It’s better than anything on television. Then get working on a nautical costume and come down for a night of smooth, cheesey fun on Thursday.

Below is every available episode embedded for your pleasure. Episodes #3 and #8 have their audio removed on YouTube for copyright infringement, so there’s links to watch them on other sites. You can learn more about Yacht Rock on Wikipedia and find details of the episodes on Channel101.com.

Link to Episode 3 on Spike.com

Link to Episode 8 on Vidlife.com


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