This week I will be mostly… spinning the wheel.

Yesterday's Tomorrow Today
Yesterday's Tomorrow Today

Some recommendations for your art-devouring pleasure this week. Thursday night is busy as always with a good few shows opening. ‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow Today’ is a collaborative show between Leslie Cullinan and mega-celebrity artist Helena O’Connor. The show deals with several questions relating to time and ultimately (the one we’ve all asked since we were 4) questions about time travel. The fun in The Joinery in Stoneybatter starts at 6:30pm and the show closes on the 21st. Project Arts Centre will be launching their new show, ‘Aion Experiments’, which was curated by Padraic Moore and features the work of several artists and groups including Irish artists Sam Keogh and Ciarán Walsh. The Original Print Gallery in Temple Bar will also be having a shindig to celebrate the opening of their ambitious new show, ‘Invisible’. The show features work by an impressive list of artists (too long for me to list here) that will be installed in various venues around the city. I do know that the wonderful Hannah Breslin has her work in the snazzy confines of IMMA, but you can pop along tonight at 6pm and get all the details.

Friday evening plays host to an exhibition in Mill Street Studios entitled ‘Watching With Eyes Closed/Listening While Talking’. The show is an exhibition of installation and video work presented by Amanda Elena Conrad, a German artist who has been proudly adopted by the Dublin art scene. The show opens at 6pm and runs for a week until Friday 18th. If you’re not satisfied with that lot, you can pop into Exchange at any point until Sunday to catch Garvan Gallagher’s video installation “GUBU”. There’s the added advantage that you can hang around in Exchange as long as you like and there’s usually something interesting happening there if you want to get involved.


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  1. ah your GAS damo. hope you had fun, I really enjoyed watching the late late tonight, singing along to the wolf tones with my cup of tea!!

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