re: public

re: public
re: public

Really wanted to post about this a while ago, but life certainly does have a habit of getting in the way. ‘re: public’ is the current exhibition in Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, which opened last week with a launch event after two weeks of construction which took place openly in the gallery. You can grab the full details on the show – which is a collaboration between TBG&S and GradCam along with guest curator Daniel Jewesbury – here. In short, it’s one of the most interesting, involving and engaging things that’s happened in a major gallery in Dublin in quite some time. With open discussions, public events and questions surrounding the issue of ownership and public property, this is something for everyone with an interest in the future of the city to get involved in. I’m excited about this project because it’s a genuine opportunity for the people that so often tell me they’re too intimidated to set foot in a gallery like this to go in an join a workshop, throw some questions out and intervene in public performances. If you’re one of those people and you think arts funding is being wasted, look up the schedule of events, find something that interests you (or just drop in during the opening hours, 1-8pm Tue-Sat) and get involved. Say your piece, perform, complain, go Pat Kenny on someone’s ass if you like, but participate in the discussion. Otherwise, it’s the same old artists, curators and students talking amongst themselves. It’s the input from people outside these spheres that will make this whole thing worthwhile. There’s updated lists of events on the Facebook event page too.


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