I like this song a lot.

Carl Spidla
Carl Spidla playing with Merril Garbus

Ideally I would write more and say more. Ideally, I would convince you of the simple beauty of this song and explain why it doesn’t need a proper studio-recorded version because this live performance captures his warm, casual style so perfectly. But today is a day for simple facts, dispensed without emotion. Here is a song by a man who seems to reside in the Montréal area. He does not appear to be signed yet, nor has any recorded output available for purchase. He appears to have some sort of friendship with tUnE-YaRdS (see above) and/or her other band Sister Suvi. Credit where it’s due: I first found this song last year on the excellent Said The Gramophone blog’s Songs of 2008 which, looking back, is a fantastic and mildly prophetic list. Spidla claims he has a girl’s voice, though this is debatable. The lyrics may well have fallen out of a daydream mid-performance. This song is for fans of The Tallest Man on Earth and similar folky Dylanites.

MP3: Carl Spidla – Blackfly Rag


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