Brought to you by the letter K

Kolouring Kompetition
Pretty much what we're hoping for.

Why? Well, you’d have to ask someone else. Alls I knows is that I’ve always been fond of the letter k, as you might have guessed. It’s a funny little letter, it’s worth 5 points on Scrabble, it can be hard or silent, it can “help” you lose weight over two weeks or really fuck you up on a night out. We’ll be doing our best to do all of the above and more tonight as the Come As Soon As You Hear crowd present The Letter ‘K’ in their first venture down Portobello way in the Bernard Shaw.

Whether the theme begat the line-up or vice-versa, we’ll likely never know, but Kid Karate will be playing live while I’ll be trawling through the depths of the K section (R Kelly) of my record collection (but probably not). But you don’t care about the music, do you? You care about the free stuff. Luckily, there’ll be plenty of k-themed fun, food, prizes and challenges. Expect chocolate to be in abundance with KitKats and Rice Krispie buns as well as kola and, eh, kolouring kompetitions. Of course, there’s alcoholic drinks that include a k… which to me says Buckfast. But most things say Buckfast to me, including the kats. The non-racist K worship will kick off at 8pm and as usual it’s free in and the ol’ blue bus might be selling those delicious pizzas out the back. I might well play this…

MP3: Phoenix – Lisztomania (Alex Metric remix)


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