The State Social #1

State Social
More than the other State have ever done for you!

With a collective record-bag and musical knowledge comparable to ten Alan Partridges, along with an unhealthy love of a good night out, the State team are delving into the realm of club promotion with all the class of Dickensian hooker. By which I mean that tonight is the first of the State Social monthly nights in Shebeen Chic on George’s St. Once a month, State will be getting members of staff to prove their musical worth by spinning some decent tunes rather than just writing about/photographing them. Tonight, Loreana and Niall are the ones who have been glove-slapped and challenged to a duel. They should be able to handle themselves though, as Loreana has DJ-ed in every square inch of this city before and Niall did a great job headlining Oxegen last summer (I think). If you can find better music, in nicer surroundings on a Wednesday night… well, go there then. But otherwise, if you’re out and about, it’s free in and starts at 9pm! Perfect for after the Hugh Lane exhibition, if you’re popping down.

There’s a Facebook group and event an’ all that, if you’re so inclined. Which I bet you are!


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