The Golden Bough: Katie Holten

The Golden Bough: Katie Holten
The Golden Bough: Katie Holten

The Golden Bough series at the Hugh Lane has been running for quite some time now. After several successful outings in the past year or so, the first venture for 2010 is a solo show by Katie Holten. The show will feature a mixture of drawing, sculpture and text as she continues to delve into her interest in our relationship to, and effect on, nature and organic life systems. Though she tends to work in black and white, we are told that in this project, she will “incorporate the ‘average’ colour of the universe as determined by astronomers at the John Hopkins University, Baltimore; – both the ‘correct’ and the ‘incorrect’ versions”. Interesting.

Katie Holten hit the big time when she represented Ireland at the Venice Biennale in 2003 at the age of just 28. This lead her to exhibit all over the world and goes some way to explaining why this is her first solo show in Dublin since 2002. Last summer she opened “The Tree Museum” along the Bronx’s Grand Concourse in New York. You can read more about her commission – which celebrated the centenary of this major construnction by installing 100 trees along the street with audio recordings of local tales – in this recent Irish Times article.

The show opens on Wednesday 27th January at 6pm and runs until April 2nd at Dublin City Gallery: The Hugh Lane on Parnell Square North. The picture above is of the limited edition invite card that only the cool kids received.


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