Beaches & Friends

Beaches & Friends EP
Beaches & Friends EP

This is an interesting one. Wisconsin brothers Robert and David Perlick-Molinari who go by the name of French Horn Rebellion decided to team up with Brazilian duo Database recently to record a song calld “Beaches & Friends”. They didn’t really though. Instead they recorded the main parts for the track and then scattered these seeds amongst their friends and asked them to see what they could come up with. According to David, “Every track is a variation on a theme, a similar idea to Edward Elgar’s Enigma Variations. In fact the Beaches & Friends EP is kind of a modern-day Enigma Variations.” Indeed.

The result is the Beaches & Friends EP, which contains the NYC Version, Database’s Club Edit, The Twelves Club and Radio remixes and this one, the Hey Champ version. On this version, the track is brought a little further into funk territory, recalling the disco-electro of MGMT with a smattering of Chromeo. The EP comes out March 1st on Once Upon A Time Records.

MP3: French Horn Rebellion vs Database – Beaches & Friends (Hey Champ remix)


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