This week I will be mostly… dizzy

The Saloon
The Saloon

As used to happen on weekends back in the days of yore (2009), there are a multitude of events taking place around Dublin in the next few days that fall somewhere in between sleazy and sex offender on the scale of 1 to R. Kelly. With varying prices, locations and opportunities for point-scoring with St. Peter, I can only give you minimal assistance in making your decision.

I already mentioned in my previous post that Attention Bébé are playing a Haiti fundraiser for Partners In Health tonight. With every cent of your €10 going to PIH and the mightily funky Mob Fandango also on the bill, this gig is 4 points clear at the top of the league with a game in hand. Of course, you might go to The Field in Tripod instead, you clever bastard you. Then there’s the nice line-up at the Ballroom of Romance in The Lower Deck, where The Spook of The Thirteenth Lock, Mumblin’ Deaf Ro, Groom and Owensie are on a bill that’s somewhat similar to next month’s Foggy Notions fundraiser on Valentine’s Day.

I’d be more enthusistic about telling you to head to The Lower Deck the following night for the latest Saloon club. Honestly, if I had more time I would say so many more wonderful things about this club – and I plan to in the future – but for now I’ll tell you it starts in The Lower Deck at 8:45pm, it’s €5 in, you get a free magazine and probably a cake. This month they’ve got The Candidates and More Tiny Giants playing, but it really doesn’t matter. Just go and have a great night with some seriously fun people. If you’re not swayed by that then I suppose there’s other fine options for your Saturday fun. The Ambience Affair are launching their suitably excellent new Patterns EP in Whelan’s. Yes, they’re one of the bands that always seem to be around, but this could be the night you finally give them a shot and discover what you’ve been missing out on! SuperSuperDisco, who I know nothing about, have asked Come As Soon As You Hear, who I know something about, to join them in Tripod for the night if you’re looking for a bit of quality pop-music bum-wiggling in a club. There’s also the Beatyard happenings all day in Twisted Pepper followed by a decent little Richter Collective shindig which aims to introduce xenophobic Dubs to music from Norn Iron, with Not Squares, Girls Names and Skp playing live and DJ sets from Nialler9 and Jim Carroll… who aren’t from Belfast at all, but will spin good tunes.


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