Free Novels


I have an intense amount of love for Born Ruffians‘ excellent debut album Red, Yellow, Blue which was released in 2008. It’s an album full of excitement and jerking guitar riffs thrown around a small room with all sorts of crazy beats. The variety of the vocals from singer Luke Lalonde add to the whole exhilarating affair as he shrieks and screams in sharply-swerving staccato melodies. Now Lalonde and several other Canadian mates including Graham Wright from Tokyo Police Club have formed a band called Novels.

Novels’ debut release was recorded in a single day and now the band are offering the 5-track EP as a free download on their website. They’re encouraging fans to download the EP, make copies and give them to friends. More interestingly, they’ve encouraged people to leave copies hidden around their city for others to find. This is all being documented by fans and added to the “sharing blog” on the band’s site. Clever marketing campaign? Kinda. Cheap distribution? Definitely. But at least it’s good music being spread by well-meaning people. I may join in and bury some copies in the snow. Check their site for more details, download the EP and watch a documentary on the recording of the music.


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