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SWAP As Soon As You Hear
SWAP As Soon As You Hear

If, unlike me, you’re the type who occassionally “buys clothes”, you more than likely have some items in your collection that you’d rather relegate to distant memory. Most of us regularly think about dropping that bag-full to the local charity shop but the plan rarely comes to fruition. If only there was a more fun, direct and loud way to clear out your wardrobe…

Well now there is! SWAP As Soon As You Hear is the first of a (possible/definite?) series of monthly club nights in Twisted Pepper being run by some fairly deadly people who know a thing or two about music, fun, theatrics and putting on a good night. You may have come across Come As Soon As You Hear in the past while as they’ve had their fingers in lots of pies and on lots of turntables at some of the more interesting nights in Dublin. The deal at this particular club is that when the klaxon sounds, everybody has to swap an item of clothing with someone else. If, like me, you don’t have an extensive wardrobe and you’re quite fond of what you do have, there will be a selection of garments in the venue for you to recycle as you dance! Nice one! The shebang kicks off tomorrow night at 11pm and DJs on the night include Alan Taylor, Killian Coyle and the hosts themselves. Print out this flyer to get in for €5, cos I don’t know how much it is otherwise.


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