Snow Day

Kilmainham Snow (3 Feb 09)
Kilmainham Snow (3 Feb 09)


Welcome to 2010 and all that. Sorry I haven’t been bothered to post anything here since Christmas but… well, y’know, there was more fun things to do. I’m considering some changes to the blog, though most of these are either operational or superficial. We’ll see. I never posted any decade list nonsense because it was way too painful for my festive brain to handle all those decisions on such a vast amount of music. Perhaps I’ll return to it soon in some form. But for now, a little something to kick off the new year.

As Dublin ground to a ludicrous halt this afternoon, it felt like the entire country was living in that childhood fantasy where the school shuts down at the very sight of the first snowflake. New Year’s Eve was the first time I’ve seen proper snow fall and stick in the middle of Dublin city. Today’s snow was unusually dry, like crystalized salt, ideal for packing into bloodthirsty balls of hatred. We trudged and waddled our way in and out of the city as the entire Dublin Bus fleet hibernated at stops along main roads and, for some reason, halfway over the bridge at Fagan’s pub in Drumcondra. Shops and businesses closed early, hurling their confused employees out on the streets to add to the post-apocalyptic rush hour to nowhere. Apparently there’s no end in sight depending on whether your vision stretches beyond next Tuesday or not, but fear not – our brave and resourceful government will find many excuses to shut down a modern, first-world country because of a long-forecasted inch and a bit of snow. So enjoy your snow days and act like a child while you have an excuse. Those snowmen won’t build themselves!

MP3: Matt Pond PA – Snow Day – [Buy]

Here’s a song by a band I don’t know much about. It’s basically a guy called Matt Pond… from PA, or as Anthony Keidis calls it “the state of Pennsylvania” which he is, apparently, “down for”. The song is taken from their Winter Songs EP which was released just about 5 years ago. According to Wikipedia, they also had covers of Neutral Milk Hotel and Oasis’ “Champagne Supernova” used in US teen shite-a-thon The O.C. Fair play to them.


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