2009 – Songs In A Can

Songs in a jar?

This is always a lot harder to do than the albums. For one thing, the line a song crosses where it can be described as released is increasingly blurred. There can be plenty of arguments about many of this year’s best songs as they were floating around in one form or another late last year. One of my favourites (and many others’ too) is The Middle East‘s stunning “Blood”. I’ve seen it pop up on a few lists for ’09 already, but if I’m not mistaken, I originally came across the song last Christmas in a Best of ’08 post on some blog or other. I think it all still depends on your proximity to the band and their scene because regardless of the borderless world of online music, things still seem to start bubbling in your hometown/country a good while before the rest of the world and the Hype Machine take notice.

Taking this babbling nonsense into consideration, I’ve decided to make a haphazard mix of some of my favourite songs from the year. It includes songs that were around in some form last year and ones that will only be officially released next year and, yes, even a song originally released 14 years ago! But goddammit, this is my 2009 and I’ll put whatever I like on the mix!

(in no particular order, other than the order they appear on the mix)

1. Florence + The MachineDog Days Are Over
2. Matt & KimGood Ol’ Fashion Nightmare
3. The Temper TrapSweet Disposition
4. Marina & The DiamondsShampain
5. Beach HouseNorway
6. YACHTPsychic City
7. Raphael SaadiqSure Hope You Mean It (Live on Jools Holland)
8. Simian Mobile DiscoAudacity of Huge
9. Grizzly BearWhile You Wait For The Others
10. St. VincentThe Strangers
11. Animal CollectiveMy Girls
12. BibioAmbivalence Avenue
13. Beth Jeans HoughtonGolden
14. tUnE-YaRdSFIYA
15. Sleigh BellsRing Ring
16. YeasayerAmbling Alp
17. CasiokidsFot i Hose
18. The Middle EastBlood
19. Broken RecordsSlow Parade
20. Dirty Projectors & David ByrneKnotty Pine
21. The Very BestWarm Heart of Africa (Architecture in Helsinki remix)
22. The Low AnthemCharlie Darwin
23. FanfarloThe Walls Are Coming Down
24. Passion PitSleepyhead (The Mummers remix)
25. BlurThe Universal (Live at Hyde Park)


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