Zabba hit the Big Time


There’s only one thing I can recommend tonight and that’s Zabba at the Bernard Shaw. Granted – I am in the band – so my recommendation is worth about as much as a bishop’s heartfelt apology. We’ve been planning this night for ages and it’s finally all coming together for a Christmas gigstravaganza! From 8pm we will be giving you value for money with free entry and plenty of fun stuff to keep you entertained. Early in the night, the members of Zabba will be jockeying discs on the decks to get you in the mood, while around Dublin’s funnest pub, there will balloon-making and colouring competitions. During Zabba’s two-hour set there will be prizes for the best dancers and singers while LobsterBoy himself will be lashing out the visuals that will range from the topical to the hilarious and the strange to the downright disgusting. Our previous, secretive gigs have become the stuff of urban legend so this time we’re aiming bigger and better to see out our first year with a night for old and new fans alike. Details here and here.

If you’re hanging about earlier in the evening and you’re looking for something to do, I’d suggest you head down to South William Street and check out Emily Robyn Archer‘s exhibition in the reasonably new gallery, The Master Thief’s Secret Lair. The gallery, which launched in late summer, is on the top floor of an amazing building directly opposite Spy. The gallery and the new work from NCAD Print graduate Emily, is worth a bit of your time this evening. It opens at 6pm and runs until 8pm and if you know your back-streets, you’re only a hop, skip and a Camden Street from the Bernard Shaw!

Zabba in Monster Truck (Culture Night)
Zabba in Monster Truck (Culture Night)

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