This week I will be mostly… in the dark.

Wendy Stephens
Wendy Stephens

It’s gonna be one of those. About once a month Dublin ends up with approximately one bajillion exhibition openings on the one Thursday night. Today is one such Thursday. The mayhem is also compounded by the fact that we’re a tidy month from Christmas and the end of another calendar year of spending Arts Council funding wisely, so plenty of galleries are opening their advent-calendar shows to bid farewell to ’09. Though I may pop in elsewhere, my plan is to go to ‘Nightlight’ at Bombhouse Gallery & Studios. I’m a big fan of what the guys down there are doing and their previous exhibitions have been really unique and enjoyable. This latest one is no different, as they invite a group of artists to create works that utilise light in different ways in a vast gallery space that will remain completely unlit for the six evenings of the show. The works vary from neon lights to clocks and the tiny, lit-up worlds created by Wendy Stephens (pictured above). The opening night tonight will also feature a performance by Phil Hession involving “a number of flashing SLR cameras, fluorescent tape and traditional song recital” some time between 6 and 10pm.

As I said, it’s a busy night, the kind of night that should attract a crowd of people in the same way that Culture Night did. But it won’t. Because they don’t know about it, or don’t think they’re welcome. With shows in (deep breath…) The Joinery, Monster Truck, No Grants Gallery, Kerlin Gallery, Taylor Galleries, the RHA, Alliance Francais and Talbot Gallery also opening at 6pm, and an exhibition in Twisted Pepper from 8 till 11pm, there’s ample opportunity for people to go on an adventure around the city for the evening and take in whatever art and liquids they find… and all for nothing! If you’re around earlier, there’s even an exhibition which seems to just be a combination of a flash mob and a silent disco. The location will be reveald on Twitter at 3pm and the fun goes down, somewhere, at 5pm. Just bring an mp3 player, or an old-skool cassette walkman. Rather than link you to each of thoe galleries individually – in my madness – I may have done something rather useful and quickly marked all of the galleries on a Google Map here. So, grab a thirsty buddy and hit the trail tonight. I’ll see you in the dark.


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