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Homelights Festival
Homelights Festival

Homelights is Adrian Crowley and Foggy Notions‘ new baby. Paired with the Fence Collective‘s Homegame in Fife, Scotland and Adem‘s Homefires in London, Crowley’s new venture will see all sorts of delights taking place in Whelan’s over the weekend. Taking over the bulk of the venue for 4 evenings and also Sunday afternoon, Homelights will bring a diverse collection of musicians and artists together for what will hopefully be a relaxed and enjoyable venture with all the collaborative glee of the Scottish equivalent. I could go through all the details but, in fairness, it’s all on their own site. Suffice to say, if you don’t have any other plans for these few days, a weekend pass would be a wise investment.

I’m only going to make it for the Sunday show, but – lucky me – it’s got an astounding line-up. Tickets for this one are a little higher at €25, but given that it starts at 3pm and is packed with top quality acts, I expect it will fill up without a grumble. The running order for the day is:

3.00pm: Doors
3.30-4.15: Nicked Drake
4.45-5.45: Adem’s Assembly
6.00-7.00: INTERVAL
7.30-8.30: Adrian Crowley & Geese
8.45-9.45: Andy Irvine
10.15-11.15: Vashti Bunyan
11.15-12.00: Guests DJs
12.00-1.00: Minotaur Shock

Plenty of good stuff there obviously, but the stand-outs are clearly Vashti Bunyan and Minotaur Shock. Vashti Bunyan has recently become a serious folk icon thanks to a resurgence in popularity due to the likes of Devendra Banhart, Animal Collective and Joanna Newsom citing her as an influence and collaborating with her in the past decade. Prior to that, Bunyan had been completely removed from the music industry, having dropped off the radar after an initially lukewarm reaction to her debut LP in 1970. She eventually released a follow-up album, Lookaftering, in 2005 through Fat Cat Records which included contributions from the aforementioned new kids on the block and fellow Homelights performer Adem. Despite living in Ireland for a long period while raising her children, I’m not sure if she’s played a gig here before, but either way, this will be something really special to observe.

In amongst these freak-folky hippies will be Bristol-based electronic-head and remixer extrordinaire Minotaur Shock, who will close out Sunday’s bash. His Amateur Dramatics album from last year was so full of ideas it should have been illegal. It was – and still is – surely the best way one could hope to spend £6.41. The original deal (which allows people to choose individual tracks -priced by the artist ranging from 33p to 75p – or download the whole album for £6.41) is still available, but you can now buy the album physically from Amazon too. Reading his formula for how he priced each of the tracks was hugely entertaining, but the album itself is still an absolute joy to listen to. Given his penchant for turning out quality remixes for the likes of Super Furry Animals, Stars and Holy Fuck, I’m expecting a blinding performance this weekend. Fingers crossed he doesn’t cancel like he had to when he was supposed to play the DEAF Festival last year!

MP3: Minotaur Shock – My Burr – [Buy]

MP3: Vashti Bunyan – Train Song – [Buy]


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