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If you were lucky enough to catch her on tour with Dirty Projectors, here in Whelan’s or elsewhere, you’ll already know what a compelling performer Merrill Garbus (aka  tUnE-YaRdS) is. If you haven’t had the pleasure, you can always go back and read what I made of the gig. Or you can watch these two videos for “Hatari” and “Fiya” – two of her finest songs. Here she recreates her live performance style in two simple but beautiful videos that perfectly showcase the scary groove of “Hatari” and the more intimate “Fiya”. This could be where I convince you to give tUnE-YaRdS the next 11 minutes of your life by reassuring you that her album BiRd-BrAiNs is one of the finest of ’09 but, well, there’s been a lot of seriously good albums this year and we’re all a bit tired of hearing these proclamations. Just press play and avoid eye contact.


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