This week I will be mostly… Miami Vice!

Vice Magazine Night
Vice Magazine Night

Flashy stuff, eh? Well, it’s gonna be that kinda night. Vice Magazine are throwing a shindig in the Bernard Shaw this Thursday 19th November so chaos and camera flashes are confirmed guests. Also confirmed are Robotnik, who will be doing what he does in the smoking garden at 9pm, and myself, who will be doing what I do while hiding behind the big, blinding lights surrounding the DJ booth, hoping none of the Vice crowd take any pictures of me! If you’re not familir with Vice, you could get an idea of what they’re about with a brief perusal of their website. “Irreverent” would barely begin to cover it. They specialise in the kind of spewing the kind of journalistic vitriol that made The Slate and Mongrel such popular publications in Ireland. It’s sure to be quite a wild night in the only pub in Dublin where you can really do whatever you want. Expect many hilariously-captioned photos on the Vice website the next day.

Earlier in the evening I’m gonna be dropping in to check out the launch of Ormond Studios, a new space near Capel Street bridge. The sprightly young NCAD & IADT graduates are inviting everyone in to have a peek at their studios and enjoy some food and wine from 7pm. If you want to see what’s really going on in this city of ours, then this is a fantastic opportunity to check out one of many positive developments from inside rather than through a Sunday supplement article.


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