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Super Extra Bonus Party - ALT*
Super Extra Bonus Party - ALT*

Only 42 more shopping days till Christmas! I mean… I’m about to shoot off on a train to Cork for a few days. Nobody knows if or when I shall return or what I’ll be doing down there but the clever money is on me being back this weekend and more than likely checking out Art Trail goodness and Basement Project Space. But if you’ll bear with me while I don my Le Cool hat for just a few moments, there’s some top notch shizzle going down here in the capital while I’m gone, so I’ll leave you a shopping list and some money in the jar before I go.


If you move at lightening speed you could catch Mumford & Sons playing in Tower at 1pm. They are good. Run. I assume there are some art openings somewhere at 6pm, there always is. If you’re the type who buys ringtones, you might head to La Roux at The Academy, but my advice would be to hold off for the late show in the same venue. Irish DJ & Radio 1’s dance supremo Annie Mac takes a few hostages on tour and later tonight she’ll have Benga & Ou Est Le Swimming Pool playing at gunpoint for your amusement. Should be fucking savage fun, if I do say so myself.


Did you know that badminton is about to become cool again? Wait, again? More on that another time. Fuel the raging hangover beast with a visit to Temple Bar Gallery & Studios at 6pm for the opening of a new show, Aleana Egan’s “Sunday Night”, curated by Padraic Moore. After you’ve nicely stained your teeth with red wine upstairs on the balcony you can face a tough decision on whether or not to head to Crawdaddy for We Have Band, who are playing a late show presented by fresh-fish Yours Truly. It’s a very enticing option and the young English band are sure to bring the party, but how do you compete with a Super Extra Bonus Party? I assume it’d have to be a Super-Duper Mega Extra Add-On Bonus Deluxe Party Extravaganza. Luckily, that’s exactly what the lads have prepared with a big, bulging line-up as diverse as, well as diverse as a Boners album really. But that’s impressive. The extendo-night in the Academy will only set you back €17.50 and you’ll get support sets from Band On An Island, Heathers, BATS, Le Galaxie and some Disc Jockey types. The Bonus fellas will be bashing out tunes from their scary-robo-horse endorsed second album with occassional accompaniment from the aforementioned (and brilliant) Heathers, Captain Moonlight, White Noise and Rodrigo Teles who, along with Mike “Bad Taste” Donnelly will be performing as part of the collective SEBP pelvic thrust for the last time. Sad face. Go down and say hi, bye and “hey, look at his stupid moustache!”. It’s going to be an amazing night as always.


The match. Oh god, the match.


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