Limited Damage

This might be the most pointless thing I’ve ever posted here, but then again it has many purposes in my own demented mind. Yes, I’m really just posting a song I like because I like it, but damn it I really like it. Yes, I’m posting a nostalgic video of the 2002 World Cup, but damn if that wasn’t one of the best games I’ve ever seen. Missed penalties, late goals, extra time, Hierro molesting Niall Quinn, tears of all varieties and Mark Kinsella… it had everything. So, thanks to a friend posting a video of the classic Ireland v Germany match (thanks Graham!), I ended up watching the video above. While it was on, my iTunes shuffle selection made an excellent choice.

MP3: Lambchop – Pre

Now, some of the commentary by the English lads on that video is pretty funny, in particular the line about buying a replica jersey, but I think this song accidentally fitted the narrative quite well. I was going to post both the video and a link to the song in response but found that “Pre” doesn’t seem to exist on the internet which is a terrible shame. Lambchop are a fantastically talented bunch whose downfall may be the sheer volume of music they produce. They’ve banged out more albums than Miroslav Klose’s scored headers, but they’ve still got an astounding collection of superb songs and their Aw C’mon/No, You C’mon double album would deserve a decent placing in any poncey end-of-decade best of list I’d make.

This track however seems to have slipped under most radars, which is a shame. Of course, it means I can feel as if I am doing it some sort of service by sending it back out into the stormy waters of the interweb on the back of my little rubber duck of a recommendation. It first appeared on a bonus disc version of Lambchop’s 2006 album Damage and subsequently turned up on a Foggy Notions magazine freebie and a free Drag City sampler, which is where I think I originally got it. Either way, it’s a beautiful instrumental piece in a similar vein to some of their soundtrack work but with a slow, bittersweet melody that perfectly soundtracks Matt Holland smacking it against the bar. Or you can take your pick of audio/video, what do I know? I know we’ll be needing another heartbreaking song for a montage in mid-November, that’s what.


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