For Music’s Sake

Lough Allen

Some kTunes for the hell of it. Music for music’s sake.

This is my contribution towards getting us all through these miserable times. Also since my laptop’s keyboard is still only semi-responsive, thus making any significant amount of typing thoroughly painful. Here’s a batch of unrelated songs that have been inserting smiley emoticons into my life in the recent past. I feel like we’ve suddenly been plunged into the winter after that one week of good weather after the Picnic and I feel entirely unprepared for the seasonal change so hopefully these songs will help.

MP3: The AvalanchesRadio – [Buy] An oldie but a goodie, The Avalanches at their sample-tastic best.

MP3: YACHTPsychic City – [Buy] The whole album is an absolute joy, but this song is too much fun to possibly avoid.

MP3: Dat PoliticsWish Ya – [Buy] The French group’s album Mad Kit is equal parts annoying/confusingly infectious.

MP3: Beth Jeans HoughtonGolden – [Buy] I’ve been liking the early signs from this adventurous young folky singer.

MP3: FanfarloLuna – [Buy] Another album where any track could be called a standout, this is one of my favourites.

MP3: Lisa O’NeillAnonlikely Scale – [Buy] Got re-acquainted with Lisa and her tunes when we played with her in April. “Has An Album” is out now!

MP3: Matt & KimDaylight – [Buy] I just keep coming back to this song. It’s brilliant. Just now discovered it’s on a Bacardi ad.

MP3: The Hood InternetIf I Could Rock (It Would Feel Like This) The mash-up experts blend more ludicrous R Kelly nonsense with some classic Jens Lekman to wondrous effect.


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