EP09: A Would-Be Tweet Review

Electric Picnic 09
Electric Picnic '09

You can fuck off if you think I had the money/battery/sanity to be sending Twitter updates from Electric Picnic all weekend. I normally lose the majority of my mind for at least 72 hours down in Stradbally every year and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna try to wrap my brain around 140 characters worth of sense so it can be buried amongst the #ep09 manure pile. Instead, here’s a collection of short form thoughts from the weekend that was. A kind of Coronation Street omnibus for my Picnic experience.


My first band, The Temper Trap, already provide the first big, happy moment when they play “Sweet Disposition”.

Festival is already jam-packed. Does nobody have jobs on Friday anymore? Or has half the country just snuck in along with the 32,000?

Lykke Li is very odd onstage. Attempting a weird mixture between sexy and scary, it’s not a whole lot of fun.

Myth: There are no knackers at the Electric Picnic.

Fact: They hang out in the Little Big Tent most of the time because they hear beats and identify with this.

Fake Blood is still a good bit of craic though.

MGMT Fun Factor on a scale of 1 to Lionel Messi: Marlon Harewood.

Diplo does exactly what you expect him to do, but it’s really fucking fun and keeps the crowd dancing for 2 hours.

Large amount of Rubberbandits’ huge audience don’t seem to know what to make of them. Garda chasing giant hash block onstage doesn’t help.

Trenchtown is nowhere near as good as Tír na Gáisce used to be, though that went downhill in recent years.

BP Fallon: Your super-happy, super-laid back grandad. In DJ form!


The XX carefully reproduce the album onstage. I can see why people don’t like the live show, but what did they expect from them?

Jump over to Cosby Stage for the last bit of Low Anthem. They’re really good but I missed “Charlie Darwin”. Sad face.

Marina & The Diamond’s camel-toe comment has certainly gotten the photographers interested. Dirty beggars.

Marina is one-half shy, friendly amateur and one-half professional performer with real star power. Brilliant set. Can’t wait for more!

Bat For Lashes cancelled? I’m never going to get to see her. What a pile of whatever I stepped in at the forest.

Of course Bill Cosby isn’t dead. That’s a weak attempt at a festival celebrity death rumour.

I’m so cultured I saw some legitmate the-atre. ‘Moonlight Travellers’ was strange but quite funny & familiar at times.

Everyone I meet asking me where Crawdaddy Tent is. Am I missing something? Our survey says: Imelda May.

Whitest Boy Alive are surprise of the festival. One of the funkiest sets of the weekend changes my mind after shite first album.

Didn’t get into James Murphy but sounded good from outside the tent/the Hurley Burly café tent.

ESG cancelled as well! Whoever went on there at 9:15 was seriously lacking in everything that makes ESG great. Poor bastards.

Chic are like a wedding/21st party with the original live band instead of a DJ from Coolock. Gig of the weekend by far!

It occurs to me that some people are at Explosions in the Sky instead of Chic. There is no scientific explanation for this.

I take the chance to inform the entire Electric Arena of Ireland’s 2-1 win during the Olé Olé chorus.

You can’t beat a bit of traditional Sat night dancing at the main stage flags! 2 Many DJs visuals are fun, but so is spinning around very fast.

Four Tet in Body & Soul seems to have the magnetic force to bring all of my friends to the one place at the one time. Great fun.

When the music stops in the forest at 4am, you have to expect that disgruntled “revellers” will take out their rhythmic frustration on the security fencing.


Oh, hello rain. You bastard you.

Despite them playing twice, I fail to see Villagers again! I’m just never going to see them and that’s the end of it.

Mick Flannery trying his best to sound like he ate Bruce Springsteen, sounds more like he swallowed Bon Jovi’s ashtray.

By next year I will have invented platform wellies with a hidden can-compartment for smuggling booze. Fortune made.

Micachue & The Shapes make impressive music for children using instruments from Smyths Toys. Nice outfits too.

Only a quick dance near Hypnotic Brass Ensemble before dashing back to refuel for the long afternoon/evening ahead.

Wagon at the bar took my precious, if rather muddy, Paulaner eco-cup and gave me a shitty normal one. Rip off.

“Audacity of Huge” is surprisingly well received and is the highlight of a pretty energetic Simian Mobile Disco set.

Just about manage to keep a good spot in Electric Arena so we can actually see her, unlike the tiny, overcrowded Oxegen gig. Go Team Hype!

Funny how Florence jumps between giddy young English girl and gothic-disco banshee woman when a song begins.

Fleet Foxes sound great but I don’t enjoy it as much as Vicar Street last year. This is probably due to my slowly deteriorating mental health.

Electric Arena is running very late, so Fleet Foxes finish quite quickly and still there’s very little time to head to Cosby for Passion Pit.

In a set full of euphoric dancing, “Sleepyhead” is still a standout moment. Tent went completely nuts, I certainly lost the plot.

Passion Pit win the prize for making me the sweatiest I’ve been all weekend. Absolutely brilliant set. Band get better and better.

Having seen Flaming Lips more times than Wayne Coyne has washed fake blood out of his jacket, I’m just not bothered.

Basement Jaxx are a bit rubbish altogether, catch the tiniest bit of Skream & Benga before calling time on big stage efforts for the weekend.

The chair-o-planes and the ferris wheel in one night. Give me a Golly Bar and I’d be the happiest child at the festival!

Who tells the sun to rise, now Pat is on his way, he’s Pat the Baker, first with freshness, so fresh it’s famous!

Fact: You can get anything for free at the Picnic by singing for people.

The people selling tea on their backs love the song “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. All of them.

Why would you take advice from people in the Info Tent when we’re clearly drunken lunatics? Carpark X, my arse.

Gold: Chic. Silver: Florence. Bronze: Passion Pit.


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