This week I will be mostly… a lobster

LobsterBoy hits the Big Time
LobsterBoy hits the Big Time

This Thursday night I’ll be DJing at the Bernard Shaw to launch a new monthly club night which is probably titled something along the lines of Lobster Pot or something else to do with lobsters. The club will run on the third Thursday of each month as part of the Shaw’s Big Time nights on Thursdays. It’s free in and runs from 8pm till whenever the pub happens to close that night (my money is on somewhere in the region of 12:30-1am). There’s some very interesting nights planned for the next couple of months which I’ll recommend in due course. This week, I’ll be playing some fun-time music inside with visuals by LobsterBoy & Jonah King and there’s also going to be a band there, who I hear will be playing “music”. Prizes of original lobster t-shirts are on offer for the best lobster dancers and if you don’t think you’re quite ready to compete, then there’s pitchers of Buckfast for €12.

If I can push my way through the chit-chatting crowd that usually gathers at the exit of the Shaw, then I’ll probably try to get down to it’s younger brother on Abbey Street. Bodytonic’s slightly less mouldy establishment, the Twisted Pepper, will be the venue for a night called Epochalypse (geddit?). Shite name aside, there’s a decent line-up of Dublin tune-makers including mega-fun DJs Doug Cooney and Lorcan Mak. The Phonic Athletic will also be thrusting their neon-stuffed crotches in a few unwilling faces and Dublin’s tallest, curliest one-man-electro-funk-machine Rob Costello will be impressing the shit out of your ears with his Sounds of System Breakdown live show. It starts at 10pm and it’s €7 in, or €5 if you’re one of them spa’s on Facebook and you reply to some yokeamajigger here.

If you can find your way to an art opening at 6pm and guzzle some wine, then you’ll be on your way to fantastic cheap night if you join us in both the Twisted Shaw and the Bernard Pepper.


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