The Other Picnic

Soft Blonde Moustache - Favourite Food Picnic
Soft Blonde Moustache - Favourite Food Picnic

Enough of all that hanging around with young hellraisers and listening to that awfully loud thumpy thumpy music, it’s time to get back to some quality art exhibitions. You don’t need wellies for that! Though one of tonight’s more intruiging options might seem to have a little in common with Ireland’s more uppity music festival.

As part of the ‘It Goes On…’ exhibition in Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, which closes this Saturday 18th July, collaborative singing and drawing collective Soft Blonde Moustache are hosting a Favourite Food Picnic. The group are inviting participants to come along and bring their favourite food or drink to share with others at a picnic on the blanket-covered floor of the big, bright room upstairs in Studio 6. According to the artists (Nessa Darcy, Mary-Jo Gilligan, Julia MacConville & Aileen Murphy), “The discussion and living of art happens all the time; on the bus, in the studio, during lunch…”. The group create much of their work, which is on show in the main gallery, by meeting regularly to eat, draw and sing in a relaxed, collaborative environment. This kind of atmosphere will hopefully be re-created for the visitors to the picnic this evening as the hosts allow the participants to discuss food, art and whatever else takes their fancy in the kind of uncontrolled environment that is unique in a culture of stuffy art seminars and lectures. The Favourite Food Picnic runs from 6 – 8pm this evening (15th July) in Studio 6 on the first floor of the building with a lovely view down to Temple Bar Square below. Entrance is free obviously, but remember to bring something for the picnic!

Also happening tonight is a premiere screening of video work in Four on Capel Street. Projector 09 features video work by Irish and international artists as selected by Four director Lee Welch and Angel Bellaran. The screenings this evening will take place from 8 – 10pm and will then be screened in the gallery during the day from 21 – 24 July. There’s a long list of artists involved, many of whom I’ve never heard of, but we’ll put some faith in the selection of the curators. Some reasonably familiar names that I would recommend include Cormac Browne, Hannah Breslin, James Merrigan (who is also in ‘It Goes On… in TBG&S), Owen Boss, Ella Bertilsson, Miriam De Búrca, Katherine Lamb and Martina McDonald.

Ella Bertilsson and Cormac Browne will be having a busy week burning DVDs as they’ll both be  showing work in ‘Neu!’ at Monster Truck Gallery & Studios on Thursday night. The seven in-house curators from Monster Truck trawled this year’s graduate shows at the major art colleges in Dublin recently and each chose one artist to appear in this groupd show, which is the last before Monster Truck closes temporarily to work on it’s tan for the summer. Also showing work will be Cristina Bunello, AJ Doyle, Helen Horgan, Sam Keogh and Serena Teehan. The show opens tomorrow from 6 – 8pm and continues until 28th July. Tomorrow will also be the launch of the first Monster Truck Multiples Cabinet. Series 1 of their affordable art objects will continue through August and features pieces by Claire Bonnie, Ian-John Coughlan, Gemma Geraghty, Damian Magee, Jenny Moran, Jane O’Sullivan, Alex Pearl, Sheila Rennick, Gail Ritchie and Leda Scully.


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