The Black Market in Home-Knitted Jumpers (Múm)

The Black Market in Home-Knitted Jumpers (Múm)

Meant to post about this back on Friday as advance warning of the exhibition, but alas, circumstances got the better of me once again. Photos from all the weekend’s hijinks are coming shortly.

On Saturday evening, I had a few photographs in the Elephino exhibition at The Back Loft at La Catedral Studios, St Augustine St, Dublin 8. I had 3 prints on your left hand side as soon as you entered the gallery. I included the picture above, one that you can see below and another one that I haven’t uploaded into the digital world yet, entitled If My Dentist Could See Me Now (Liberty Hall). The show took place on Sat 13 June at 6:30pm. I was there for the first hour or so and saw all the other work on the walls, but didn’t stick around to see the rest of the event. It continued with live music and performances until midnight making for a fun night of bizarre goings-on.

The show also featured work from Wendy Stephens, Ciara Brophy, Mia Marshmallow, Fiona Carey, Fiona Spiers, Mick Minogue, Loki Bee, Barry Quinn, Jason Dunne, Carolyn Walshe, Lisa Reburn, Patrick Hough, Ruth Power, Keith gregg, Andreas Scholtz and Conor Foy. There was video work by Room For Improvement, Turf Boon and Aine Belton and live performances/music from Hugh Cooney, James Gil Martin, Stephen James Smith, Kevin Nolan, Steve Bojangled, Marcus Carcus and Andy Delamare.

Afterwards we ran down to Whelan’s to catch Dave Guy and The Shadyboys supporting Junah. It was a great gig and the venue was jam-packed from early in the night. After flogging a few copies of the single at the door, we continued on down to Tripod’s late club to catch a 2-hour set by Attention Bebe. I’ve mentioned how dangerously brilliant these guys are here before. They had a big crowd dancing away in Tripod, enjoying the delicious live visuals by Lobster Boy. Beach balls wreaked havoc around the dancefloor and Jane even organised a huge game of musical chairs with the winner claiming the prize of Attention Bebe playing at a party in their house.



Back From Whence Ye Peddled! (Lough Allen)

Back From Whence Ye Peddled! (Lough Allen)


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