Junah – Low La Day

Junah - Low La Day
Junah - Low La Day

Dublin band Junah are finally ready to enter the flourishing market of legal CD sales and do so with their debut single “Low La Day” which is released this Friday 12th June. Junah have been around for a few years and have built up quite a reputation on the live circuit. They’ve been working on their debut album for a while now, doing some pre-production and recording with Karl Odlum. That album should be on it’s way in the near future, but for now the guys are giving us their debut single ‘Low La Day’ and the excellent b-side ‘Margin Walking’. Their music has been described as “excellent, original and insightful” by Hot Press and Road Records compared their “moments of progressive folk” to Fairport Convention! I can see where they’re both coming from but also, having seen them play countless times over the last few years, I can honestly say that these are some of the most accomplished musicians you’re likely to see in any Irish band.

More than this though, they have that all-important knack for writing a great melody. I don’t think I’ve put my finger on it yet after all these years, but I’ve seen them win over all kinds of audiences with their tunes. Sure, the onstage jokes and banter between songs is always popular with the crowd, but they don’t just leave with the songs in their heads, they’re usually singing or humming them on the way out the door. They’ve got a brilliantly unique style, mixing indie and folk sensibilities with great hooks and harmonies so perfect that they confirm your obvious suspicion that Mick and Graham are twins. ‘Low La Day’ is a lively, chiming, acoustic number with a galloping pace that drags the lead vocals along for the ride. The B-Side ‘Margin Walking’ is quite different and is actually unlinke most of what I’ve heard from Junah before. It’s a more careful, considered song that lurches along at it’s own searching pace and at times even reminds me of the sadly missed Irish band 66e (most of whom now operate as Le Galaxie).

The single is available in hard-copy from Tower Records, where they will also be doing an instore gig on Friday at 5pm. The CD or MP3 download is available internationally from CDBaby. You can, of course, also get the song from the wonderful people at www.downloadmusic.ie or by texting “music 3108” to 57501 (RoI only).

The following day Saturday 13th June, there will be a single launch gig in Whelan’s (Upstairs) which will be absolutely zero Euro-shillings in! That’s right, FREE! Just like the Tower Records instore gig, but for the extra €0, you’ll get less shelves of reggae compilations in your way and more booze, support acts (Dave Guy & The Shady Boys) and notice (more than 24hrs more!). Not bad for a Saturday night in Dublin.

[Declaration of Interest: Rumours persist that I am the father of the entire band, despite Loik (the drummer) being French and the entire band being older than me.]


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