SEBP – Night Horses Launch

Super Extra Bonus Party - ALT*
Super Extra Bonus Party - ALT*

This Friday sees the Boners return to Andrew’s Lane Theatre to launch their second album ‘Night Horses’. The last time I saw them was in the same venue last October when they launched the remix version of their debut album ‘Appetite For Reconstruction’ with a fantastic all-star line up gig including R.S.A.G., The Vinny Club and Nouveau Noise. Having spent much of 2007/8 seeing SEBP live, that’s a long time to not see them. I’m hoping this gig will be just as much fun – even if it doesn’t have the same extensively brilliant line-up [EDIT: Full deadly line-up from Nialler in the comments below], they will have support from the Rubberbandits. We went to see them back in March and it was excellent. Rumour has it they’ll also be playing with the Warlords of Pez in the Twisted Pepper soon.

Anyway, the task at hand, the difficult second album. I really liked the self-titled debut and, as I said, really enjoyed seeing them play those songs live. Their live shows, from the first album launch in Voodoo to the Electric Picnic appearances, are always hugely energetic and they never fail to get the crowd going. Of course, for everyone who goes along and has a great time at their gigs, there’s someone who thinks they’re complete gimmicky rubbish. Now a lot of this is just typical Dublin, the usual backlash and begrudgery. Nobody seemed to slate them until they won the Choice Music Prize in ’08. Maybe it’s just a load of angry bookies…

MP3: Super Extra Bonus Party – Radar (feat. Cadence Weapon) – [Buy]

Here’s a song from the album, which is officially released on Friday but can also be picked up at eMusic right now. I first heard this song when the boys played with Cadence Weapon in the Button Factory early last summer. Even as a rough, live first listen I was really impressed by the song and it has only improved since then. The rest of the album features a multitude of collaborations with people like Heathers, Captain Moonlight and MayKay from Fight Like Apes. Much to look forward to then both onstage and on record this Friday. More photos from the last ALT* gig after the jump.

Super Extra Bonus Party - ALT*
Super Extra Bonus Party - ALT*
Super Extra Bonus Party - ALT*
Super Extra Bonus Party - ALT*
Super Extra Bonus Party - ALT*
Super Extra Bonus Party - ALT*
Super Extra Bonus Party - ALT*
Super Extra Bonus Party - ALT*


  1. RSAG is playing on Friday toooo

    8.00 – 9.30 Robbie Coffey
    9.30 – 10.10 Captain Moonlight
    10.25 – 11.05 RSAG
    11.25 – 11.55 Rubberbandits
    12.15 – 1.30 SEBP
    1.30 – 2.30 6 Ft apprentice

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