Ladyhawke at Arnotts – Photos

Ladyhawke - Arnotts Project

Ladyhawke - Arnott's Project

So, a bunch of us went to the launch shindig for this new Arnott’s shop on Friday evening. With my thorough and indepth knowledge of young people’s fashion, I can tell you that the shop has 4 floors and is mostly full of… clothes. For whatever reason though, they decided that for this one night, they’d also stuff the place full with free drinks, pizza, Kit Kats, about 1,000 people (about half of them seemed to be promotions girls)  and a vague line-up of acts – most of whom I cannot confirm whether they played or not. I assume the DJ we saw playing while the break dancers awkwardly tried to lure in unwilling participants was DJ Scope. And I think I heard a racket being made by the Dirty Epics.

In fairness, the set-up was pretty impressive and the way they converted the basement floor into a decent nightclub/venue was surprisingly well done even if the sound left an awful lot to be desired. Being seasoned professionals at the free booze scenario, we left the pouting and posing to the models and wannabe models and made a valiant effort of drinking everything available in record time. Eventually, our desperate attempts at commandeering an entire table full of the remnants of the sparkling wine stuff came to an end so we ventured up to the stage to watch “electro rock goddess and style icon” Ladyhawke. Between the many bad reports of her live shows and the poor sound earlier in the night, I didn’t have very high hopes for the performance. I was surprised then by the fact that the band played quite well, making the best of an odd and possibly difficult situation, and seemed to enjoy themselves. Pip Brown is a funny frontwoman, being quite difficult to read. The crowd were certainly loving her but at times she just looked worried and quite unhappy.

MP3: Ladyhawke – Magic – [Buy]

Overall it was a seriously fun night, and as the lovely new shop descended into festival filth and mannequins began to lose their limbs, we made our escape and proceeded on into a night of fun in Grogan’s, The Clarendon Bar and finally Camden Palace where there were attempts at playing pool which shall never be discussed.

Ladyhawke - Arnotts Project

Ladyhawke - Arnott's Project

Ladyhawke - Arnotts Project

Ladyhawke - Arnott's Project

Ladyhawke - Arnotts Project

Ladyhawke - Arnott's Project

One Response to “Ladyhawke at Arnotts – Photos”
  1. greggsplace says:

    there was an amazing amount of free drink at it – great fun!

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