Is Mise Amadán

Via AofieMc‘s twittering and, subsequently, Nialler‘s blog, I have just found out that Sam Amidon is playing in The Cobblestone this evening for the ridiculously low price of €5. I could babble on for ages about why you should go and see him tonight rather than watching the inevitably dull end to the Chelsea v Barca match, but I won’t. Best to let his unique music speak for itself.

I first discovered his music a long time ago on The Torture Garden blog when Shane posted the track “Saro” along with glowing praise. As usual, Shane was right and I’ve slowly become more and more addicted to the music of Samamidon (as he sometimes refers to himself). I only recently started thinking about whether he’d ever make a visit to Dublin when I checked out the review of his gig in Edinburgh on Song, By Toad a while back. He also recorded a “Toad Session” which I’d highly recommend as it shows his astounding live performance style quite well.

Here’s the video for that track that hooked me, “Saro” taken from his album ‘All Is Well’:

And a track from his previous album ‘But That Chicken Proved Falsehearted’.

MP3: Sam Amidon – Tribulation – [Buy]


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